Distinguished Club Performance – The Dashboard

I’ve often been asked the question “How do I know how my Toastmasters club is progressing in the Distinguished Club Program”? Often when club executives meet there is some uncertainty with how many DCP points the club has earned.

Toastmasters International has created a section on www.toastmasters.org that displays a dashboard indicating the progress a club has made toward DCP goal achievement. It’s updated daily so the information remains fresh.

I created a short 5 minute video that demonstrates step-by-step how to navigate to the Performance Reports Dashboard for your club.

There’s no reason to guess any longer. The information is just a few clicks away

Share this video with your club executive and the members of your club, then bookmark your club’s report for easy access.

When your members can see the club’s progress for themselves, they will become more engaged in the process.

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