A Night at the Ballpark

With apology to Groucho Marx, this post is about a favorite pastime, and it’s not a night at the opera.

This morning I’ve been lingering with one foot in my childhood memories and the other here in the present.

I was deleting an array of unplayed song files from my computer’s hard drive this morning, sending songs files that have not been played in ages off to where ever it is they go when you click delete. As I was about to dispatch “Cheap Seats” by Alabama to that mp3 graveyard something in my mind urged me to click play,  instead.

As I listened to the familiar melody and listened to the words, I heard those lyrics in a way I’d never heard them before.  I always thought the song was a cute presentation of what it was to be a fan of a minor league baseball team filled with no-name players. As I listened more closely I found that “Cheap Seats” is actually a glimpse into small town America.

Gathering together on a warm summer evening to watch a group of 20 somethings play their heart out on the baseball diamond is a summer staple. While these youngsters play the game, men and women of all ages are seated in the stands cheering them on.

A family night out at the ballpark is still affordable in most small-towns , unlike the big city, which can eat up a hefty chunk of one’s disposable income. Baseball at the minor league level is an event. Everyone gets in on the act. The activities between innings is often more entertaining than the game.

I love spending a summer’s eve watching minor league baseball. I just wish summer lasted all year long.

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